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Cellulose can displace cellulite on a pound per pound basis.

The South Beech Diet is built upon Dr. Truqué's ground breaking research that proves that in certain parts of the body — particularly the thighs, hips and buttocks — cellulose can displace cellulite on a pound per pound basis. In the process, you're body will feel as strong as a tree.

In this revolutionary plan for weight reduction and maintenance that promotes an extremely high fiber diet, Dr. Truqué details over 430 easy-to-prepare meals that include a few ounces of pulp from the Fagus Grandifolia with each serving. Following any of the 22 diet plans outlined in the South Beech Diet, a dieter can expect to lose between 4 to 6 percent of his or her body weight per day beginning the second week of the diet.*

* Your results may vary.

Paperback © 2019, 264 pages, IBSN: 77653970, US$14.95 

Harness the incredible weight loss power of alcohol and use it to create fat reducing meals that are fun and tasty.

Scientists have known for years that alcohol, consumed in sufficient quantity, is one of the best appetite suppressants available. It helps the body to process stored fat at an amazing rate while at the same time sharpen a person's cognitive abilities.

Now in the Wine Diet: Drink Yourself Thin, Dr. Truqué has harnessed the incredible weight loss power of alcohol and uses it to create fat reducing meals that are as fun and as unique as they are tasty. After just one week on the Wine Diet, you'll lose weight, sleep better, feel more confident, and think more clearly.*

* Your results may vary.

Paperback © 2018, 188 pages, IBSN: 09642848, US$12.95

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