OxyLoss™ Super-Oxygenated Air Capsules


Much of the excess fat stored on your body can be burned away if only the supply of oxygen were sufficient to maintain a high level of combustion. OxyLoss Super-Oxygenated Air Capsules do just that.

These dietary supplements safely infuse oxygen into your digestive tract to increase the burn rate of stored fat.

Acting much like a turbocharger does in a race car, OxyLoss Super-Oxygenated Air Capsules add a burst of oxygen into your system to literally burn fat away.

In studies carried out by Professor Hieldsgold at Hampton Surgeons' College in Cape Town, dieters who supplemented their diets with OxyLoss Super-Oxygenated Air Capsules showed weight loss at a rate up to three times faster than did dieters who merely stuck to a sensible diet and exercise.*

Note: Weigh loss by those on the Super-Oxygen Diet has been shown to be  accelerated with the addition of OxyLoss Super-Oxygenated Air Capsules.

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