Oui Bee Pollen™

bee pollen

Bee pollen may be nature's most perfect food. It has been used for centuries to stimulate organs and glands, increase energy levels, aid in the recovery from chronic illnesses, reduce cravings and addictions, prevent infectious diseases, improve endurance,* enhance vitality, boost sexual performance, and prevent cancer—to list just a few of its powers. Now Fat Chance Diets brings the power of bee pollen to your weight loss regimen.

Bee pollen, known to stimulate metabolism, will dissolve fat and flush it from your body. It's like turbocharging your metabolic fires. With no change to your diet or exercise routine, you can expect to see a five to ten percent drop in your weight after just the first application.**

Because pollen loses its potency when extracted and subsequently processed, Oui Bee Pollen is not sold in ointment, pill, or food supplement form. Instead, Fat Chance Diets delivers to your door hundreds of live bees that you can apply immediately to your body.

That's right! Oui Bee Pollen comes to you directly from domesticated bees that are raised near Paris and shipped to you by FedEx for next-day delivery. Through this direct application method, pollen is deposited onto the epithelial layer of your skin for direct absorption at full strength. (Detailed instructions for application are included with every order.)

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* Not recommended for athletes competing in official Olympic events.
** Your results may vary.

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