Hoodai Gordoni™

Hoodai Gordoni

Hoodai Gordoni is a natural appetite suppressant derived from the hourglass shaped flowers of the Ransanelius Diantanian species of plants indigenous to the southwestern desert of the United States.

Its earliest recorded use was by Navajo Indians, who used it to make a concoction that was effective in treating rattlesnake bites. In 1952, Prof. Hoodai Gordoni of Southern New Mexico University, first synthesized the enzyme that is responsible for its amazing weight loss effects. Ever since, that extract has carried his name.

Hoodai Gordoni works by blocking signals of hunger sent to the brain. It has been tested in dozens of clinical trials where results have shown an average weight loss of 38 pounds.*

Hoodai Gordoni is available without a prescription and comes in gel tablets for easy swallowing or will dissolve in your favorite beverage.

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