Match your diet to your lifestyle and personality

Dr. Truqué was the first diet researcher to understand the relationships among lifestyle, personality and successful dieting. The results of her research lead to the development of the PsychoStyle Lifestyle/Personality Inventory. Working in cooperation with Drs. Jonas Remakel and Irving Duvalt at the University of Belĵevek, Dr. Truqué was able to develop what has become the benchmark instrument for matching dieters with dietary programs that have the greatest chance of success. Indeed, research has shown that people matched with diet plans by use of the PsychoStyle Inventory have a 99.7% success rate.*

To determine the best diet plan to best match your lifestyle and personality, follow the three steps below.


Step 1: Lifestyle Inventory

Answer the following YES or NO questions. (There are no right or wrong answers.)

1. Do you exercise regularly?
2. Do you eat in restaurants more than twice a week?
3. Do you live alone?
4. Do you reside in a community of 50,000 or more?
5. Have you ridden in a taxi in the past six months?
6. Do you carry more than six keys when away from home?
7. Have you ever been arrested?
8. Are you married?
9. Are you fluent in more than one language?

Add up all your YES answers from the Lifestyle Inventory.


Step 2: Personality Inventory

Answer the following YES or NO questions. (There are no right or wrong answers—just varying degrees of pathology).

1. Are you afraid of the dark?
2. Have you ever cheated on a test?
3. Do you wet your toothbrush before you add toothpaste?
4. Is Elvis alive?
5. Have you ever suffered a mental breakdown?
6. Do you believe that OJ did it?
7. Do you know how to juggle?
8. Have you ever thrown a water balloon?
9. Do you put on both socks before putting on either shoe?

Add up all your YES answers from the Personality Inventory.


Step 3: Inventory graph

To find the right diet plan for you, plot the number of "YES's" from your answers above on the graph below. For instance if you counted 6 "YES" answers to the Lifestyle Inventory and 4 "YES" answers to the Personality Inventory, your resultant place on the graph would be where the "X" is in the orange area of the top left quadrant.

Once you plot the results of your inventories on the graph above, you are ready to select a diet plan that matches your lifestyle and personality. Simply choose a plan that has a similar color to the quadrant in which your results were plotted.

For instance, a person who had an inventory result like the one in the example above (6 and 4 YES's, respectively), would be best suited to a diet plan that is coded with orange color (to the left of the Diet Plans.

* Your results may vary.

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