Thin Spritz™

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Thin Spritz is a remarkable calorie absorption spray that, when applied to food surfaces, reduces the caloric content of that food without affecting its taste. Better yet, because it is applied after a meal has been prepared, there is no added preparation effort. And it works on all food groups: starches, fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein and even junk foods.

Discovered by graffiti vandals who would sometimes “huff” their working materials, Thin Spritz has been reformulated for household kitchen use while maintaining its chemical properties that can add a semigloss finish to any wood, plastic, masonry or metal surface.

Simply apply Thin Spritz following four, easy-to-follow steps and watch the pounds melt away.

1. Hold the can of Thin Spritz approximately six to eight inches above any food item.

2. Direct the ergonomically designed, simple-to-use spray nozzle toward the food, then hold down the nozzle for three to five seconds to apply a gentle mist of Thin Spritz over the food. (NOTE: It is recommended that you wear safety glasses, gloves and an OSHA approved respirator while spraying, and keep children and pets at a safe distance.)

3. Wait six hours for the active ingredients in Thin Spritz to infuse with the food.

4. Enjoy your meal.

When used as directed, Thin Spritz can lead to significant weight loss. Indeed, Thin Spritz customers have reported losing over 25 pounds a week and reducing their waist measurement by close to 35 percent.

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* Your results may vary. And if you find you are losing too much weight, reduce the number of meals on which you use Thin Spritz or decrease the duration of the spray. 

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