Sugar Swarmers™

Here's the natural solution to weight loss. Sugar Swarmers are the Aedes Albopictus breed of mosquito which are captured in the wilds of upper Minnesota then organically bred to be particularly thirsty.

Sugar swamers

Sugar Swarmers come to you packaged in an easy to use home application kit. When they arrive, the mosquitoes are still in the larva stage. By simply heating the package in your home oven at 375º for 4 minutes, the larvae will hatch and you will have tens of thousands of famished mosquitoes that you can apply immediately to any exposed skin surface. (In the photo on the right, you can see an example of a small number of the insects being deployed on a customer's leg.)

Sugar Swarmers can be applied any time. However, by allowing the mosquitoes to imbibe shortly after you have eaten, sugars that are being transported by your blood and are on they way to being stored as fat will be permanently removed from your system.

Sure you may experience a little swelling for a short time.* But think of the envious looks you will receive from your friends and family soon after your recovery.

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* A mere 86% of customers report limbs doubling in size, and only 93% report being hospitalized for more than three months. Your results may vary.

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