La Patch™

Looking for a product to help you drop excess weight without a regimented diet or strenuous exercise? Looking for a product to magically melt away ugly fat, flab and cellulite? Looking for a product to increase your energy? Looking for a product to give you the body you've always wanted?

Well your product has arrived: La Patch, the amazing diet patch from Fat Chance Diets! This is the fastest, most effective, and safest way to lose weight without starvation diets or strenuous exercise!

Weight loss patch - Todd

You don't have to worry about eating. You don’t even have to think about losing weight. La Patch does all the all the work for you! Just put on the patch and watch inches disappear!

In clinical tests, the average monthly weight loss was 26 pounds for women and 49 pounds for men!*

Weight loss patch - Mandi

The amazing La Patch is safe and 100% natural. It contains no ephedrine, no processed sugars, no lactose and is PABA-free.

The secret to its superior performance is a powerful ingredient called Adhesive, which controls your junk food intake and turns your body into a fat burning machine, burning as much as two to three pounds of fat every hour!*

Simply apply La Patch and you will start losing weight immediately. It even works while you sleep! And your family and friends will see the difference right away!

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* Your results may vary.

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