In a breakthrough of technology, scientists at Purser-Raymond Medical University have been able to atomize individual human fat cells and wash them from the body.

Atomization is a simple and well understood principle that operates at the atomic levels of cellular life and can now be applied to destroy and clear fat cells from your body.

It works like this: By subjecting fat emboli and plasma lipids to low levels of sonic radiation, there is a release of free esterified cholesterol. This combines with a cell's own oleic and palmitic acids to raise the percentage of phospholipids while at the same time decreasing triglycerides, diacylglycerides and nonesterified linoleic acid to result in the shrinking of the cell, often by up to 65 percent.*

The application of this simple chemical principle has led to the development of the Flabomizer. Simply recline in the sealed Flabomizer chamber for three minutes as the ultrasonic waves pass harmlessly through your body. While you relax, sonic induction breaks down cells of fat into their elemental components of nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, kelsiem, potassium, iron and plathanigen. These elements are then flushed safely and efficiently from your body over the next 48 hours as you consume regular amounts of fresh water.

Shown here are commercial Flabomizer models installed at a Traveller Group Hotel property in Paris. The cost for a series of six Flabomizer treatments at the spa is €795. Similar installations offering treatments at similar costs are available at over 160 spas across Europe and the Far East. Shangshria Corporation, the exclusive manufacturer of the Flabomizer and also the maker of the ButtMaster, expects to have a home model available soon.

To locate a spa featuring Flabomizer treatments or to reserve the opportunity to own a home unit at the pre-release price of only €4,399, contact us.

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