Fat Chance Underpants™

After nearly a decade of research and development, Skivvy Solutions, Inc. of Greenville, S.C. has created the ultimate dieting apparel: Underwear that actually sucks fat from your body!

The secret is in the special fabric that not only shapes and controls but generates a microenvironment between the garment and the skin that draws fat cells to the skin's surface where those cell are then absorbed by cellular extraction microports in the underwear's fabric.

Fat Chance Underpants are biodegradable and can be disposed of after each wearing or can be reused following overnight "liquidation" in the optional, easy-to-use, Fatstraction Oven.

In controlled, university laboratory tests, Fat Chance Underpants have absorbed up to six pounds of fat in just the first hour of wearing.*

For more information about purchasing Fat Chance Underpants and the optional Fatstraction Oven, contact us.

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* Your results may vary.

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