Originally developed at the Ernschfelder Institute in Berlin in 1907, the ButtMaster has been a fixture in serious bodybuilding gyms around the world for over a century. Manufactured in India since 1950 by Shangshria Corporation, six new models have been introduced as technological advances have been made to hydraulic systems and high tensile-strength steel. 

Now after more than a decade since the last introduction of a new machine, the company is replacing the model FPCV-11 with the lighter-weight, electronically controlled model FPCV-12. Several of these units have already been installed in several La Couvier Hotels.

As with every previous models going back to the original model 17, all you have to do is simply maneuver your body into position and let the ButtMaster do it's work. That's the real beauty of the ButtMaster: once you are in position, all the work is done by the machine. No longer is there a need for risky gluteal augmentation. You will soon have a smaller, firmer, and more perfectly shaped posterior.*

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