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“Lose weight while you sleep!” 

Hundreds of weight-loss products make this claim. However, only Abrasowear pajamas are backed by scientific evidence showing weight-loss of up to 230 pounds during sleep.*

Here’s how they work. Abrasowear pajamas include several interior panels onto which are attached patented Abrasopads® made of a special fabric that is infused with aluminum oxide media. As the wearer moves during her normal sleep patterns, the pads gently abrade her skin. The chafing activity that occurs does not remove fat per se. Instead it removes the epidermis, which in turn activates the deeper hypodermal cells to regenerate the epidermal layer. And the hypodermis, being 50 percent body fat, burns a considerable amount of calories to replace the epidermis that has been abraded away.

Abrasopads are easily attached at any of sixteen locations inside of the garment and are available in varying degrees of abrasion so that the wearer can select where and how much fat is to be removed. Our studies have shown for instance, that women prefer more abrasion in the gluteal area while men prefer almost no abrasion in the genital region.

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