Super Oxygen Diet

When it comes to living life to the fullest, there is no substitute for oxygen. The same can be said about losing weight: Oxygen plays an all-important role.

Demographic studies show that people who live at elevations above 7200 feet are three to four times as likely to be overweight as those who live at see level. This phenomena is further evidenced by a study commissioned by the National Park Service that found that rangers assigned to work at Death Valley National Park (282 feet below sea level) are 26 percent thinner than those who reside at elevations between sea level and 400 feet.

Although not all of this weight differential can be attributed to differences in oxygen availability, the evidence is clear that the thinner the air, the fatter the population.
 The Super-Oxygen Diet capitalizes on this phenomenon by supplying oxygen therapy to people who live "at elevation." Through a regimen of daily oxygen treatments, where a clear plastic bubble is placed over the face at mealtimes, people have watched their weight tumble by dozens of pounds in only a few days.*

Note: The course of weigh loss on this diet can be accelerated with the addition of Super-Oxygenated Air Capsules.

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