Official NBA Diet

We all know the value of eating leafy, green vegetables. And within this category, artichokes are among the tastiest—as well as the most fun to eat. Artichokes are a good source of vitamin C, folate and potassium. They are low in sodium, fat-free and a 12-ounce "choke" is only 25 calories.
 Artichokes have always been popular with the California fitness set, and following the publication of Artichokes: The Perfect Diet Food in 2011, this odd vegetable has seen even greater demand.

Now the town council of Castroville, California, the undisputed artichoke capital of the world, has introduced what it calls the Official Nothing But Artichoke Diet (Official NBA Diet for short).

This diet is just what it sounds like. For three weeks, a dieter eats nothing but artichokes: artichokes for breakfast, artichokes for lunch, artichokes for dinner. And for snacks? Artichokes. 
Though you are probably saying to yourself, "This diet is too good to be true," it is true. People have reported a weight loss of up to 35 pounds in only 21 days by eating as much of these peculiar vegetables as they could hold down.*

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