Laughter Diet

Laughter Diet

Laughter, it is said, is the best medicine. It is also makes for a great diet.

First, because it is impossible to eat and laugh at the same time, laughter prevents the consumption of calories.

Secondly, laughter can actually cause one to expel calories that have been ingested and are in line to be processed. Just ask any beer chugging, college freshman who has blown brew out of his nose during a joke's punch line.

Next, laughter increases your heart rate, your breathing rate, your body core temperature, and your skin's electrical potential, all of which significantly elevate the rate of caloric burn.*

Finally, in rare but documented cases, laughers have been able to purge themselves of recently consumed calories as well as calories that have long since been stored as abdominal fat. This phenomenon can occur on the occasion of the delivery of an extremely funny joke and is known in layman's terms as "busting a gut laughing." In approximately 40 cases a year, this becomes a literal, fatal event.

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