Full Fear Diet

Diet professionals agree that perspiring is a simple, safe and effective way to lose weight and keep that weight off. But to achieve significant perspiration, your choices have been limited. You could squeeze into uncomfortably crowded saunas, sit in steam baths of questionable hygiene or wear unsightly body wraps... until now!

Fat Chance Diets is the first to bring you a revolutionary new and proven way to really sweat pounds away: fear.  That's right. Fear can make you sweat more than you ever could under artificial conditions.

If you've ever been caught in a gun battle, been attacked by a wild animal, threatened to be thrown from a moving train or called to testify in your own defense, then you know the reaction your body has to fear. It undergoes significant changes. Your heart rate increases, your breathing becomes shallow and there is a rapid rise in your body temperature, which triggers your body to perspire—losing loads weight in the process!*

That's where the Full Fear Diet comes in. Approximately once a month, you'll be the recipient of a Full Fear Diet "event." Depending on the information you provide to one of our diet counselors, that event could be a box of poisonous spiders released in your bed, a threatening message from your ex left on your voice mail, the cops stopping your car, your boss assigning you to be the keynote speaker at the next corporate meeting or any of a thousand other scary situations. (One of our clients beads up at the mere thought of vacationing with Dr. Phil.)

Any of the events we schedule for you is sure to trigger massive sweating. But because you never know when the event will happen, you are constantly in fear, constantly perspiring—literally washing away pounds—day in and day out while waiting for the next event.

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