Frozen Food Diet

The basis of any rational diet plan is to burn off more calories than you take in. Exercise is the typical means of increasing the rate of calorie expenditure. Sure, you can walk a mile and burn an additional 60 Calories per hundred pounds of body weight, but why spend your time exercising when there is a better way? That's where the Frozen Food Diet comes in. It's easy, it's simple and it's foolproof.

Here's how the Frozen Food Diet works: Simply prepare your meals ahead of time, then freeze them. When you are ready to eat, just pry them out of your freezer, unwrap your portion, chip off a chunk and enjoy. It's that easy!

By using the caloric energy necessary to heat up the food to a temperature where it can be masticated and swallowed, you'll be burning as many calories as if you were at the gym.*

Barbara Chapman from Las Cruces, New Mexico is seen here selecting a delicious serving of frozen Beef Wellington for her family. All she has to do is merely remove the wrapping, add a little watercress garnish and her family can chip right in.

"It's not a big step from iced tea and ice cream," says Barbara, "to iced tacos and ice pizza."

Just like the Chapmans, you and your family can now spend your time in front of the TV instead of on a treadmill.

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