Dr. Bambiriketh Truqué is a physician, psychologist, nuclear chemist, and personal trainer. She earned degrees from Rydell College, Madrid Institute of Technology, the Academy of Freudian Dynamics and Purser-Raymond Medical University. 

Moreover, Dr. Truqué also holds certificates from the International Board of Neurological Surgery, the National Nuclear Chemical Society, the Academy of Psychological Interaction, the United Nations Health Service Agency and the American Fitness Council.

In 2006, working under a grant from the Federation for Alternative Therapy (FAT), Dr. Truqué discovered that the success of body weight management plans is a function of lifestyle and personality and that certain lifestyles and personality types were more successful on certain diet plans.

In clinical trials, she found that subjects whose lifestyles and personalities matched their diet plans were able to lose up to 13% of their body weight per week. Even more compelling was the finding that these subjects were able to maintain their weight loss so long as they remained on their lifestyle- and personality-matched diet plans and made no attempt to exercise or to regulate their caloric intake.

Dr. Truqué soon adopted a plan that matched her own lifestyle and personality and saw immediate success.

With a scientific basis and her personal, first-hand knowledge of the weight loss process, she created Fat Chance Diets, a company dedicated to applying cutting edge psychological science to the area of weight management to improve the quality of life for all people.

In the past few years, Dr. Truqué has authored two books and dozens of scientific articles on weight management. 

Dr. Truqué consults as an expert on the topic of weight management for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and Fox television networks and has participated in special television productions for Martha Stewart Living, Wheel of Fortune and Fear Factor. Dr. Truqué is a frequent interview guest on MSNBC and PBS.

You may contact Dr. Truqué through one of our offices.

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