Plans that fit your lifestyle and personality

Plans that fit your
lifestyle and personality

Products that match your diet objectives

Products that match
your diet objectives

Supplements to achieve your weight loss goal

Supplements to achieve
your weight loss goal

Additional resources to include in your library

Additional resources to 

include in your library 

Success Stories

April Chattell — Secaucus, NJ

Ever since high school, I have searched for the "perfect" weight management program. I've tried them all: The grapefruit diet, the peppercorn diet, the Mayo Clinic diet, the sandpaper diet, the Missoula diet, the Hollywood diet, and the list goes on. Not only did I fail to lose weight, I became so depressed, confused and disoriented that I replaced all my clothes with garments displaying polka dots.

Then I discovered the Frozen Food Diet from Fat Chance Diets. I'd say that the results are pretty remarkable. Now I can eat what I want, whenever I want and not lift a finger to exercise. Yet the pounds continue to melt away. I'm even abandoning my polka dot outfits for more a contemporary look — starting, as you can see, — with my swim suit. I feel happier and healthier than ever. I feel like a changed woman. Thank you, Dr. Truqué.

Fat Chance Diets' results are pretty remarkable.

Tony Bustamanza — Shreveport, LA

My career as a professional, sanitary outflow technician was in jeopardy after I developed severe back pain during the 2018-2019 Western States Pumper Challenge series. My supervisor told me that if I didn't change my diet of Cheetos and Pabst, I would be ineligible to participate in the National Championships in Duluth.

I started on the Official NBA Diet from Fat Chance Diets in 2019 and in a matter of weeks I shed 87 pounds, reduced my waist size by 27 inches and increased my ability to hold my breath by more than a minute.

Looking back, losing the weight was pretty easy. I never felt hungry or tired. In fact, I feel better now than I did before an above-the-ground septic tank fell on me in March.

I can't thank Dr. Truqué enough for helping me reach my career goal of third runner up in the Northeastern Utah Flushman of the Year Contest.

A professional, sanitary outflow technician weeks shed 87 pounds in a matter of weeks on a Fat Chance Diet.
After just five months we have lost a total of 386 pounds!

Jeni and Joni Viccar — Ames, IA

As sisters, we have always been inseparable. Over the years we have shared toys, clothes, classes, cars, jobs and even shared boyfriends.

But we also shared way too many French fries. So as we grew up, we also grew out. We put on weight and consequently had another experience to share: obesity.

Then a friend gave us a copy of the South Beech Diet. We soon embarked on a strict diet of cellulose, and after just five months we have lost a total of 386 pounds! It fit our personalities and lifestyle perfectly. We couldn't be happier.


Dr. Bambiriketh Truqué is a physician, psychologist, nuclear chemist, and personal trainer.

Dr. Bambiriketh Truqué is a physician, psychologist, nuclear chemist, and personal trainer. She earned degrees from Rydell College, Madrid Institute of Technology, the Academy of Freudian Dynamics and Purser-Raymond Medical University. Dr. Truqué holds certificates from the International Board of Neurological Surgery, the National Nuclear Chemical Society, the Academy of Psychological Interaction, the United Nations Health Service Agency and the American Fitness Council.

In 2016, working under a grant from the Federation for Alternative Therapy (FAT), Dr. Truqué discovered that the success of body weight management plans is a function of lifestyle and personality and that certain lifestyles and personality types were more successful on certain diet plans.

In clinical trials of her unique diet plans, she found that subjects were able to lose up to 13% of their body weight per week. Even more compelling was the finding that these subjects were able to maintain their weight loss so long as (1) they remained on their particular diet plans and (2) made no attempt to exercise or to regulate their caloric intake.

Dr. Truqué soon adopted a plan that matched her own lifestyle and personality and saw immediate success. With a scientific basis and her personal, first-hand knowledge of the weight loss process, she created Fat Chance Diets, a company dedicated to applying cutting edge science to weight management.

In the past few years, Dr. Truqué has authored two books and dozens of scientific articles on weight management. 

You may contact Dr. Truqué through one of our offices.


Fat Chance Diets is managed and operated from its world headquarters in the Cayman Islands.

Fat Chance Diets is managed and operated from its world headquarters in the Cayman Islands. Satellite offices are located in New York, Cape Town, London, Miami, Paris, Rome, Sydney and Tokyo.

Please feel free to write to us or contact any of our offices by telephone during normal business hours, or email us. To arrange an interview with Dr. Truqué or to engage her as a speaker, please contact Dr. Truqué directly.

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